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  • System IP to qualified products
  • Pre-11ay performance and features
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mmWave connectivity for Mobility and Infrastructure Applications



  • Addressing V2X, V2V and V2I High-Speed Transport applications
  • Reliable, low latency links proven at >300km/h
  • Beam formed vehicle tracking
  • Predictive link acquisition
  • Multi-Gbit throughput


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5G Technology for Mobility

Discover tech highlights and benefits of mmWave for high-speed transport applications.

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Blu Connect Preview

Product Brief: Mobility

How does our technology work for high-speed transport?
Find out here.

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  • Fully complementary to Fibre and 3GPP wireless 'access' technologies
  • Carrier-grade performance featuring interference mitigation
  • Aggregated links for scalable networks
  • Future proofed for advanced SON and Mesh configurations
  • Kilometre-range connectivity

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power your 5G network project.





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5G Technology for Infrastructure

Discover tech highlights and benefits of mmWave for infrastructure applications.

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Data Aggregation
  • DN201-SC Dual Modem performance
  • Pre IEEE802.11ay
  • Dual Radio CH1 to CH6 (58.32GHz and 69.12GHz) support with interference mitigation
  • Peak data aggregated at 6.5Gbps
  • Range at 1km >0.5Gbps