Public safety beyond Covid:
The definitive blueprint to delivering smart cities


In this webinar we discussed the hurdles to realising a smart city and how these can be overcome. Covid-19 has demonstrated just how paramount it is to improve our response and resilience. This current global crisis has certainly reignited interest in the benefits of smart cities, particularly in regards to public safety.



The technology hurdles

  • Identifying the critical pain points
  • Robust business case analysis
  • Backhaul infrastructure is key

The Covid effect

  • Pressure on delivering fast, reliable connectivity
  • An opportunity for Local authorities
  • Resource and capacity to develop their strategic vision

A workable strategy

  • A fit for purpose network infrastructure
  • mmWave and its many benefits
  • The right technologies that solve the city’s pain points

The Panel

Our panel is made up of experts in this field, providing invaluable insights from research, use cases and testbeds.

Ketaki Mangalmurti

Ketaki Mangalmurti
Connectivity Technologies Ecosystems Manager 


joe spencer

Joe Spencer
Professor of Electrical Engineering 

University of Liverpool

Iain Bennett 2

Iain Bennett

Community Broadband Network

nadine hatto

Nadine Hatto
Technical Marketing Manager

Blu Wireless

Liz Churchman

Moderator: Liz Churchman
Account Director/Partner


Hosts Blu Wireless 2

Webinar host: Blu Wireless

Pioneers in mmWave communications and a leader in wireless networking equipment for multi-gigabit connectivity.